Basic Level 1: Introduction to West Coast Swing (2 x 4 weeks)

You will learn about the basic concepts of west coast swing as a social dance. These series of classes focus on the basic lead and follow techniques. You will be introduced to the basic 6 and 8 count patterns. This is the entry level for all of those who have no or very little west coast swing experience. If you have never taken regular classes before we also recommend you to start here.
Next course starts (Atelier:Tanz Zurich): in September 2, 2015 at 7.30 pm. Registration:

Basic Level 2: Beginner's West Coast Swing (3 x 4 weeks)

You will learn about basic figure variations, different hand-holds, starter steps and turns. The pre-requisite for these series of classes is the completion of "Introduction to West Coast Swing" or an exception granted by the teachers.
Next course starts (Atelier:Tanz Zurich): in September 2, 2015 at 8.30 pm.
Registration: (or show up at the door 5-10 minutes before the class)

Improver Level 3: Fundamentals of West Coast Swing (8 x 4 weeks)

This is the level that resides between beginning and intermediate. In this level you will learn advanced basics, styles, new patterns, etc. Each of our months have a different theme, as well as repeating techniques to make you a well round West Coast Swing dancer. This level is the most important level in the fundamentals of WCS, and by the end of this series you will be able to easily attend intermediate level drop-in classes and workshops locally and internationally.
The pre-requisite for these series of classes is the completion of Basic Level 1 and 2 or an exception granted by the teachers.
(A): Rolls & Wraps
(B): Traditional, contemporary, 3D
(C): Advanced Basic: Whips
(D): Spins and turns
(E): Advanced Frame
(F): Footwork & syncopations
(G): Musicality & timing
(H): Dips & tricks
Next course starts (Atelier:Tanz Zurich): in September 9, 2015 at 9.30 pm

Intermediate classes (drop in, 90 minutes)

In these workshop style classes we talk about intermediate patters, more advanced leading and following techniques, styling, footwork, timing, musicality, spins, etc. Classes do not build on each other, we will recall some of the basics that is necessary for the given class. As these are drop-in classes, you can join at any time. We recommend that you have at least 12 months of West Cost Swing dancing experience prior to enter at this level.


How does a lesson look like?

After a little social dancing we warm up together, practicing isolation, different moves and steps, which we will use in our dances too. After that we partner up (you can join the course without a partner too, we change often partners just as we do it in the parties) and review quickly, what we have learned on the previous lesson, before we continue our dance studies. Changing partner is optional, though we really recommend it for everyone, because that's the way, how you can learn this dance well (anyway it is a social dance, so changing the partners is one of it's main points).

What kind of cloth and shoes should you wear?

You can wear whatever you want, except some extreme ones, which prevents you from dancing and moving confidently. So wear something comfortable (outdoor clothes are as good as tracksuit).

About the shoes. On the videos you can see, that the dancers usually wear low-heeled latin or standard ballroom dance shoes, but at lessons many use other shoes or simple thick socks. The point is that it has to be comfortable, and it should not stick on the floor. Please do not wear your outdoor shoes.