Private classes

So, you have decided you would like more than you can get from group lessons? Did you miss some of our regular classes and you want to catch up? Do you have extensive dancing background from other dances and basic group classes are too slow for you? Do you want to work on something in particular in your dancing?

Both Eszter and Gyuri available for private West Coast Swing classes.

Multiple locations, in Zurich, Switzerland. Please contact us for details.

Note that that these prices may vary a bit depending on the place and time of the class.
A one hour class (is approx. 55 minutes), and it costs 100 (or 90 if you are a student) CHF.
The price is the same if you come alone or with a partner. If you come with a partner, you can share the cost.

It is possible to get package deals. E.g. 5 consecutive lesson pass would cost you 400 CHF.
Feel free to contact us for other deals if you have something in mind.

Special offer: 3 consecutive lesson pass is available for new private lesson students only, one time for 230 CHF.

Booking / Registration
Please contact us via email or phone, or come to us in person before/after our classes.