Gyuri Dorkó 

Gyuri has started dancing at the age of 13. He trained and competed in latin and standard ballroom dancing as a junior until the age of 18. Then he decided to suspend his hobby and invest his time in science and engineering. After years of traveling, living and studying in different countries he has realized that he misses dancing too much. In 2008 he decided to start training in ballroom again, but shortly after that he came to the conclusion that what he really likes is social dancing.

At the end of 2009 Gyuri has discovered a super-friendly community of swing dancers and decided that he must learn the Lindy Hop. He has quickly adapted his couple dancing skills and become well-known in the local dance scene. In the following years he has travelled internationally to attend the biggest workshops and dance with the best dancers.

In 2011, Gyuri has moved to San Francisco for half a year, and while he was still dancing Lindy Hop and Blues, he was persuaded by a local dancer to visit a party of West Coast Swing. Even though he knew the existence of this dance, this was the time when he has fallen in love with the West Coast Swing.
He then quickly started to train with the local champions and used every opportunity to practice and learn. Since then Gyuri has moved back to Switzerland, and travels all over Europe and the USA to train, improve and have fun on West Coast Swing conventions.

He has trained with the best of the best, such as Jason Wayne, Ben Morris, Kyle Redd, and many more. He has taken teachers training and several intensives with Robert Royston and Mario Robau. He is a certified GPDIA basic instructor and judge.

Gyuri currently competes at advanced level. He is well known in the community for his musicality and his social dancing skills. He is passionate about dancing with everyone, and making every dance special. On parties and events he is always the last one who leaves the floor. He is a triple award winnerNew Years Swing Fling, French Open, UK Champsfor his social dancing skills.

Eszter Móricz

Eszter began dancing at the age of 7, training in jazz and in acrobatic rock and roll in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. 

According to her teachers she was exceptionally talented and after just a few months she won her first competition. During the following 6 years of rock and roll dancing, she competed as a member in three different dance groups as well as a couple with a fixed partner.
Eszter has earned the titles of Budapest Champion, Hungarian Champion and placed 16th in the World Championships. 

At the age of 14 she started to create her own choreographies and two years later she begun to teach children and young adults, including the Hungarian world champion couple.

In 2009 she wanted to start something new. That was the time when she came across the first videos of West Coast Swing, and it was love at first sight. A year later, Eszter was already helping her instructor as a teaching assistant and a few years later she helped to launch a new beginner's course as a teacher in another dance school as well.

In between Eszter has participated in many West Coast Swing workshops, teacher trainings and intensives where she has learned from the best teachers of all over the worldIn 2013 she has moved to Zürich, Switzerland where she continued teaching weekly classes and visiting WCS events to learn, teach and judge at competitions.
She has won her first Novice Jack and Jill competition at Budafest 2012 and since then she has achieved the All Star devision in 2016. But most of all Eszter is a social dancer who is on the dancefloor all night long!